For the Church of God to be here today, Mother has always been giving the members Her teachings with love. The teachings of Mother, which are engraved on every member’s heart, are the spiritual food and guide that make the church beautiful and strengthen the souls of the members.
Mother tells them to love their neighbors as themselves, and look upon the world with a warm heart. Cherishing the love of Mother, the members of the Church of God respect their elders, love their neighbors and protect the environment; they play the role of the salt and the light of the world.
As Mother always sets an example by taking the initiative in every volunteer activity, the members of the Church of God have been trying to spread God’s love not only with words but also with actions.
People who don’t ignore the tears and grief of their neighbors! People who don’t turn away from the events of their nation whether big or small, happy or sad! They are the members of the Church of God!
Just like a shoulder to lean on when times are hard, the Church of God stayed beside the bereaved families of the Daegu subway tragedy. And they worked as supporters in the 2002 Busan Asian Games, the FESPIC Games, and the 2003 Daegu Universiade. The Church of God has been doing its best to share its love with society, and inspire the whole world.
Their devoted efforts for society were acknowledged by the government and the Church of God received the Presidential Citation Award in 2003, an Order of Sport Merit in 2004, along with many other awards great and small. This was a result of the faith of those who put into practice the teachings of Mother.