Beautiful songs and melodies are a common language of all nations. The Music Department of the Church of God composes beautiful New Songs. The Messiah Orchestra delivers the songs to the world with their wholehearted performances. The graceful moments when the members become one with New Songs are put on video, and spread to every Church of God in the world.

The Multimedia Department of the Church of God has a simultaneous broadcast system, using a relay vehicle, which is able to record, edit, and produce various kinds of videos independently. The Publication Department translates and publishes all publications into over 40 languages, so that they can deliver the love of God Elohim throughout the global village.

All the pastors are trained in the Theological Seminary that resembles the grand image of Father. The pastors of the Church of God always examine themselves and study the Bible, not being content with the status quo. More than 400 pastors, who have been trained here for four years, go abroad to various places around the world every year. This is an international organization which brings forth diplomatic emissaries.

At the Jounyisan Training Institute, which takes after the magnificent Spirit of Father, the breath of the gospel dwells there wholly. And the Dongbaek Training Institute is situated in the vicinity of the Head Office, so it takes charge of the education for the overseas members and the members in the capital area.

The Elohim Training Institute is located in Yeongdong, which is famous for its fresh air and clean water. The mountain surrounds the institute like an eagle spreading its wings around its young, like a mother embracing her baby. Here, the church members foster their character development so that they will be gentle like the smooth ridge of a mountain and pure like clear water. Together with the Okcheon Training Institute, the Elohim Training Institute provides education programs for the overseas church members who visit Korea, and leadership training for the pastors in the country, including various kinds of seminars.

The Okcheon Go&Come Training Institute is located in Okcheon, a city of propriety. It is already famous in Korea as an institute with the best facilities and equipment which can hold a large-scale event, accommodating more than 15,000 people. Through this institute, the Church members are motivated to go out into the world to preach the gospel, and the overseas members who visit here are overwhelmed, seeing how the prophecy is fulfilled.