he Beach Environmental Cleanup was carried out with the slogan “Wish for the 2015 Marine Festival Success’. Before the International Convention held in Korea, the volunteers of Church of God gathered in Jeongok Port with determination.

The ages of the volunteers ranged from children who participated by holding the hands of their parents, to families who gave up their rest day, to silver-haired elders. More than 500 people cleaned around the Jeongok Port, the shopping area, and the highway for about 2 hours starting from 10 AM.

A Congressman of Hwaseong City Construction Committee, said, “President Obama, the President of Korea, awarded you but being awarded doesn’t just happen. Each and every single bead of sweat you shed played a role”. Jeongok Port Environmental Sanitation Engineer also expressed his gratitude.

Approximately ’10 tons’ of garbage were collected, through the volunteers’ efforts, who were not concerned about the midsummer heat, to clean the environment to welcome the people of the world. Let’s take a look at the energetic and joyful volunteer service of the Church of God.