Located at 800 m above sea level is the Barwani Elementary-Junior High School in Dhaitar village, Nepal.

There are still cracks in the walls from the 7.8 magnitude earthquake in April 2015. The broken debris is left at the back of the classroom as is. The teachers look on in sadness at the harsh reality of having to teach the children in a building that can collapse at anytime.

The Church of God charged into the ‘Mother’s School Project’ along with the school so that the children would be able to grow their dreams of the future. The Mother’s School Project is a school reconstruction project that builds a hopeful classroom for the children who lost their schools due to the earthquake. In 2016, a school was built in the Sindhupalchowk district, Nepal, where earthquake damage was most severe.

The result of the efforts of more than 700 volunteer workers for about two months was the completion of a neat and sturdy school building. At the completion ceremony, the Church of God General Pastor Kim Joo-cheol said, “My sincerest wish is that this small hope that started with Mother’s School will become be the seed that spreads throughout Nepal and illuminates the future of Nepal as well as the future of humankind.” And he cheered on the days to come for the Barwani Elementary-Junior high school.
In the building lined with the heart of Mother, is the anticipation for the future of the children to grow up well.