“We feel very lonely at our age.”
As one grandmother said, among many lone seniors, when they enter the twilight of life feel its vanity and sadness. The Church of God Peru visited a nursing home to convey the affection of family and warm comfort to these seniors.
The students placed the wholeheartedly prepared candy necklaces around the seniors’ necks. When the grandchdilren-like students’ cute hands massage the hands of the seniors, smiles like flowers bloomed on their faces.
Female adult members with a talent for cutting hair gave the elderly a hair cut. The elderly who finished their haircuts went outside with the Church of God members. With a clean-cut hair style and a refreshing feeling from the outside air, the seniors are saturated with happiness.

“Thank you for caring for and loving me.”

“You gave us love. I feel like I’m with family. ”

A nursing home official sincerely thanked the Church of God members. The Church of God is not only helping Peru but also our neighbors in need all over the world.