Oh, Sun, arise! Oh, Dawn, break the darkness! Open a new day and prepare for a new morning with a resounding voice. In a mysterious country in the east at the ends of the earth, where the morning begins with the light of hope, the Church of God, the Holy City, lights up the whole world. Like a white horse that waits for the dawn, after drinking from the emerald stream of life, is the “Jerusalem Temple”’ of the Church of God in Bun-dang, Korea. As Jerusalem in Israel remains a blessed land in history, this Jerusalem Temple is now a peaceful oasis for those who desire the heavenly Jerusalem that is prophesied in the Bible. Education rooms for the members who are full of enthusiasm for the word of God! Fellowship rooms where the members share joy each other with gracious words! Within the beautiful temple, there is neither hatred nor dissolution, only the sound of angels’ humming. They are European-style buildings built for the brothers and sisters flying in from afar. They are resting places like Mother’s warm arms for the overseas members who visit Korea to study the Bible from nations around the world. The Head Office of the Church of God is located in the center of Bundang, Korea. It stands high as the light that brightens the world. Today, too, the pulse of the gospel is beating without rest at the heart of the Church of God. The Church of God is in every part of Korea. The beautiful and orderly appearances of the 400 temples in Korea attract people’s attention. The members of the Church of God set themselves to be good examples for society by doing good deeds as well as sharing in their neighbor’s joys and sorrows.